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The Blogging Business

In the title, I mentioned blogging as a business. I think most of you might not believe in the same way.

Every blog that you strive to maintain is a business. Yes! You heard it right. Blogging is a business where you share your ideas and sell your product.

Every successful blogger runs a blogging business. He/ she provides or sells products through his blog.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

– Seth Godin

This is how you should think when you start a blog. Remember, your blog is a medium through which you sell your products.

So, what are the products that you can sell through your blog? Here they are.

Ad space

If your blog attracts many readers, you can sell ad space to the large tech ad agencies like Google and Bing.

You must register for Google Adsense, ads, or any other third party ad agencies, and the companies provide you revenue for each ad they show in your blog space. It would be beneficial in the initial days to serve your blogging expenses. 

Some people make a living out of the revenue from these ad spaces.

Sell a course

You can sell a course through your blog. Write an article on the topic you want to sell, attract readers, and lead them to your funnel page where you can motivate your reader to buy your course.

There are tons of affiliate marketing courses where the actual lead is from a single article. The reader might find value in your writing and might be impressed to join your class.

Some people make a considerable profit from a single course. I have seen people making good revenue from a single course throughout their life.

Sell an eBook

If you are good at something, never do it for free.

– Joker

If you are good at a topic, the wisest thing is to write a book and sell it. People are in search of knowledge all the time.

Writing an eBook is effortless. The digital platforms around the world provide ample opportunity to sell your eBook. Gone are those days where you should search for a publisher who is willing to publish your book.

In 2020 you can publish your book. Tech giants like Google (Google playbooks) and Amazon kindle provide beautiful platforms to sell your eBooks.

Write an informative blog on the topic you intend to write as an eBook. Attract readers and sell them your eBook with the help of your blog.

Selling an affiliate product

Affiliate marketing has taken new turns in its due course. You have to write an interesting article on a specific product and make your readers buy the product through your affiliate links.

Some people earn a reasonable sum from amazon and other affiliate marketing. For every product you sell through your blog, you would get a decent amount of commission.

People from a digital marketing background earn a fair amount of money through their affiliate links. Affiliate marketing companies like Amazon associates, Rauketen affiliate, click bank, and share a sale provide decent commissions for their affiliate products.

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