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Best blogging niches in 2022 | Micro niche blogging

After preparing your mind to start blogging, the first is to select “the right niche“.

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog to provide information on a particular section or product. In recent years niche blogging has been the main form of blogging.

Google and other search engines like niche blogs as they provide more information on a specific topic or product.

The right way of niche selection

I know you are confused on selecting the right niche for your blog. Here are few easy ways to select the right blogging niches for you.

Professional niche

Professional niches are much easier to wite as you will have good knowledge in your profession. This make easy to deliver content to your readers.

Select a niche related to your profession. Let me explain, if you are a mechanical engineer, you can write blog on vehicles like cars and bikes.

If you are a web developer, you can create a blog on web development and sell your course on web developing.

Your hobbies

Hobbies can turn out to be money machines when channeled correctly.

For example, Jim harper is an internet entrepreneur and a law student. He wrote a blog on improving photography in his initial days out of a hobby. Within a short time, his blog gained popularity and started earning good revenue for him.

It was his first step in blogging. Now he maintains a ton of blogs and has become a famous internet guy who earns good money from blogs. You can read his success story here.

Search your browsing history

Your browsing history tells you the topic which you search the most on internet. It could be a potential niche for your blog.

If you want to write a blog on reviewing products, you can opt for amazon or any other e-commerce site (which you use the most) and search for the category of products you buy the most.

These niche ideas can eventually become profitable for you as they are within the limits of your interests.

Never select any niche that is not in your interest. Such niche blogs survive for a short period. You cannot fuel such blogs for longer periods as your interest may burnout someday.

Micro-niche blogging

Micro-niche blogging is an act of creating a blog on a specific MICRO topic in the niche you are interested.

After a recent update on its algorithm by Google, niche blogs have more weightage and can rank easily in Google search rankings.

A high-quality website on a specific topic can rank higher than a non-targeted authority website. Let me explain with an example.

Harsh Aggarwal is a blogger and youtuber, who started a niche blog ““. In his blog he writes about only one phone – the “I-phone”.  This micro-niche blog is dedicated to only I-phone. But do you know how much he earns from this blog?

Mr. Aggarwal makes more than $174 per month from this single blog. He earns an additional $100 through affiliate marketing. This shows the power of micro-niche blogging.

Here are few profitable (micro-niche) blogging niches from Harsh Aggarwal:

  • Lens Finder
  • Video editing hardware
  • Wall decoration
  • Home automation
  • Productivity
  • Yoga
  • Air purifier
  • VPN
  • Drones.

Some other profitable blogging-niches for you

  • Keto diet
  • Body metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Video gaming tutorials
  • Kitchen gardening
  • Terrace gardening
  • Dressing ideas

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