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Blogging Vitals | The Three keys to Blogging

Why do you want to start a blog?

I know you want to start your blog but do not know the right path to do it. How do I know it? Obviously, because you are here reading my post.

To start a blog, you should know about the three keys which are vital for Blogging. I call them the blogging vitals. If you miss any of these vitals in you, I am afraid you may stop blogging in the middle.

So let’s go deep into each of these vitals to know them better.

Motivation for blogging

Why do you want to start a blog? Here are three main criteria to start a blog.

  1. Either you should be knowledgeable about a particular topic and want to share the information with your readers or potential readers.
  2. You want to expand the consumer base of your business. So you would like to provide some value to your consumers through your blog.
  3. The third one is what most people do with Blogging—earning a living from your interest in writing blogs.

So, what is your motivation to start a blog? Have a clear idea first. Be clear on your motivation.

If your motivation is not clear, I am afraid you might find difficulty in blogging some or the other day.

Every successful blogger will have a clear vision in his mind. He knows for what he is blogging.

“The Best Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”

– Walt Disney


I have seen people who start a project with a big ambition but fail to complete it with the same motivation. In simple words, many people start blogging with a comprehensive insight on why he/she is blogging but fail to carry the same throughout their blogging career and drop in the middle.

Blogging requires consistency. It would be best if you were consistent in delivering value to your customers. But most bloggers fail so.

Successful Blogging requires consistency. It would help if you were consistent in providing regular articles related to your niche.

My advice is to set a time frame for your Blogging. If you are a weekly blogger, try to publish an article every week. Be consistent. Think that readers are waiting for your item every week. Let it be one reader or 100 readers; you should deliver your efforts consistently.


Last but not least, patience is a hidden gem every blogger should find within ourselves.

I have seen bloggers who failed to become successful due to a lack of patience. Success does not come as quickly as we think. It takes time.

Look at Apple; the apple we know is a more popular and highly profitable company. But in 1985, when Steve Jobs left the company, apple has to struggle for 12 hectic years to turn around.

Similarly, Blogging is a business where you sell your intellectual property. Every business needs some time to develop. These days, you find heavy competition in Blogging; hence, you need the patience to survive as a successful blogger.

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