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Do the dead know we miss and love them?

Do the dead know we miss and love them? Many people avoid answering questions about the afterlife because they are afraid of being judged. In this article, however, I will be discussing some aspects of the afterlife.

You must understand that spirits have a higher frequency than what we can imagine or think about when it comes to intuition. The spirits of the deceased know we love and miss them. This energy comes from nature.

This subject is complex. Don’t rush to find the answer. Continue reading to learn more about the afterlife.

What does Bible say about the afterlife?

According to Bible “Ecclesiastes 12:7”, “And the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” Hence bible says that the body we are in returns to earth and the spirit within returns to Nature or God.

What does Hinduism say about life and death?

According to Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 27: Death is certain for one who has been born, and rebirth is inevitable for one who has died. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.

According to the Hindu belief system, our bodies and soul are different. The body with which we are born is a temporary vehicle and will change from one life to the other. On the other hand, our Soul is permanent and will travel between bodies life after life until it reaches eternity.

The story of King Citraketu

Here are the most interesting stories taken from Bhagavata, an Ancient Indian scripture. It tells an interesting relation between humans and how they behave after death.

So let’s start the story.

Once upon a time, there lived a Kind called Citraketu. He had everything, including kingdom, wealth, and health, but had no sons. According to Hindu beliefs, Son is very vital for a family as he is the person who saves his father from hell.

So the great king Citraketu was eager to have a child. Years passed, but none of his wives had given him a son.

In the meantime, a great sage with the name “Angira” was passing through the kingdom. Knowing this, the king invited the sage to his palace and offered his prayers.

Angira was pleased by the king’s attitude and offerings. But he found that the king was somehow, not happy. So he asked the king, ” oh king! I can see the sadness in your face. Can I know the reason?”.

The king replied, “Oh great sage! I have everything in my life. A good kingdom, Beautiful wives, and Abundant wealth, But one thing is bothering me the most. I do not have a son. I am afraid that my kingdom would end without a reign”.

Angira thought for a while and replied that he would provide a solution for his problem, but it would cause him both happiness and sorrow. Hearing the sage’s words, the king became happy and asked him to do the favor so that he could bear a child with one of his wives.

As Angira agreed, the king selected his most loved wife Krtadyuti to bear the child with him. The queen became happy, but the other wives weren’t.

As days passed, Krtadyti gave birth to a beautiful male child, who grew with love and affection from all the people in the kingdom. but in the meantime, envy developed in the minds of other wives, and the king started neglecting them and spending more time with the child and Krtadyuti.

The disappointed queens started hating the boy and one day they poisoned him. As a result, the child died. When the king got the information he stumbled and ran to the child’s room. He saw his son dead and started crying.

The king cried ” Oh my son! you have gone at such a young age. You haven’t seen life and enjoyed the wealth we had. How can you leave us like this? Oh god! what to do now”. The king fell down and was crying to his heart.

In the meantime, the great sage Angira got to know the information and visited the palace along with Narada. The sage slowly started saying, ” Oh king! I told you, that this child will bring both happiness and sorrow to you. You should have not opted for this”.

The king replied, ” Oh! the great sage, with all due respect, I request you to bring my son’s life back. I want him alive. He cannot leave us like this. I think his soul is disappointed and unhappy to leave us in this situation”.

The sage smiled and asked Narada the great to use his mystic powers to bring the child’s life back. Narada used his powers and the boy regained consciousness.

The sage asked the boy, ” oh boy! your father wants you back”. The boy went to his father and said,” father! why have you called me back? Don’t you know that nothing is permanent in this materialistic world? We come here based on our previous acts (Karma), when it gets fulfilled we have to leave the place and enter a new place or body”.

“I have fulfilled my deeds in this life and am happy that I have done it at a very young age. No relationship in this materialistic world is permanent except the relationship with the supreme. Why do you worry about these materialistic things? “.

“I am happy with my fate and want to continue my journey as it is”. Saying this the child left the body. Citraketu was shocked by the words of his child. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His son seems to be so mature and intelligent. He has never seen him like that.

Angira said ” From one seed, a second seed is created, O King, therefore from one body (the father’s body via the mother’s body), a third body is created (the body of the son). Since the components of the body’s material are eternal, so the living being that is visible through these elements is also eternal”. Hence do not crave these materialistic things and strive hard to know the truth”.

There is a very important point to note from the above story. The objects we see, such as children, property, and wife are similar to dreams and mental concoctions. In reality, what we see has no permanence. It is only because of our previous actions, do we make these mental concoctions. As a result of these concoctions, we carry out other activities.

We come from nowhere and will finally end in nowhere. In materialistic terms, our origin is from nature and we finally end up in nature. Mother nature remembers everything and will be in constant connection with us.

The memories of the dead will be stored with nature and will have an influence on our lives.

Are the dead aware that we miss them?

At this point, I must explain something to you in depth.

We often believe that the spiritual realm is higher up than the heavens. It isn’t true. However, the spiritual and physical worlds are interconnected with the help of mother nature.

You will therefore find portals and paths at specific places on the earth’s surface.

They are still with you even if your loved one passes away. They simply have stopped being alive in their physical form. They are still not far from you. They are a part of your nature now and will constantly watch you.

When you allow this knowledge into your consciousness, you will feel free to share your feelings with your loved ones.

The dead can return to our homes as pets if this becomes too intense. They may stay with us for many years before they leave.

Are our loved ones still able to love us after death?

They can pick up your vibration and energy whenever you feel sad or depressed.

We are often the ones who fail to feel the same feelings as our deceased loved ones because we live on a lower frequency that the spiritual realm. But our loved ones who have lost their loved ones know that we love and miss them. They feel the same.

The constant informational signals that mother nature provides are a part of love showcased by the deceased on us.

Is the dead still feeling for us, even though I don’t feel for them?

It is possible that your energy and vibration may not be noticed by the spirit if you are not sufficiently close to this person.

A family member will likely feel the emotions of those who were close to them/her when they are alive. This will depend on how close you live to the person. The feeling of love and care is something that should be reciprocated between each other. You cannot expect someone to show love if you are not willing to do the same, even though they are dead or alive.

Are the decedents aware that we care about them?

If the person who dies is close to your heart or someone you know well, he/she will be able to know how much you love and miss him/her. Your bond will continue to be a strong connection even after your death.

Do the dead really care for us?

As we have discussed in the story of Citraketu, the body that we bear is only a vehicle and the soul is eternal. Our soul has constant connections with mother nature. Our memories are imbibed by mother nature who will care for us on behalf of the dead.

Final words

We love our people and they too in return. The bond is permanent and will not be gone with death. What I think is that nature responds to us on behalf of our loved ones and tries to show its concern for us.

Mother nature is an intermediary between us and the dead. It transfers our feelings to our loved ones and vice versa. It is up to you to understand and feel the love of nature.

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