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first time pregnant? Here’s what to expect in pregnancy


Are you pregnant for the first time? Congratulations!  Be happy with all the experiences you are going to grab every moment of this exciting journey. Don’t think too much. Be relaxed!
I know how it feels if you are pregnant for the first time.  I still remember my excitement after each step of my pregnancy. The first month of pregnancy is like a dream.

Being a mother of two young lads, I thought of giving some womanly suggestions during the pregnancy.


Meet your midwife or gynecologist for a regular check-up. Visit once or twice in a month.

Don’t skip any meal, take medicines regularly as advised by ur doctor.
Eat healthy food. The food you like the most. No restrictions, please!
Have a minimum of 5 liters of water per day ( warm / boiled water).


The first time scanning experience will be awesome for every mother. It will be there in your eyes until the end.

You will see a live baby growing in you as a small bead. You won’t believe that it’s your baby. It appears like a small projection. But it is true, that you are carrying your own baby in your tiny belly.

Such a feeling is once in a lifetime experience for a woman.


I know, a lot of things are running in your mind. I think your friends and well-wishers will be providing you with a bunch of suggestions for eating habits. 
Eat this, eat that. But don’t eat this! This is healthy! You should eat this!
Do you face the same situation? Are you confused about what to eat?  Here is a list of items to eat during your pregnancy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

If ur are allergic to any of them please avoid them! Fresh vegetables are the main source of nutrients. Vegetables are rich in fiber, Vitamins, and minerals. They are essential ingredients for your baby.
Vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C, K, A are important for the development of your baby. 
Moreover, food rich in Calcium, Iron, Folate are essential. Here is the bonus tip!
Try to have green leafy vegetables every day. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and iron. 
Dietary supplements of these nutrients are better than a therapeutic route. In simple words, having these nutrients through food is safe and advisable than taking the same nutrients in the form of tablets or syrups.

Salads- 2 bowls/ day

Having salads is good. But not too many!
Leafy lettuces like spinach, arugula, radicchio are vital vitamin suppliers in the salads. Hence try to include them in every salad you eat.

Rice- 2 bowls/ day

Is rice your staple. Then be cautious. Have a limited quantity of rice, every day. Your hunger thrive during pregnancy can often lead to overeating. 
Eating more rice can lead to gestational diabetes
 One or two bowls of rice is not a problem. But having too much can lead to medical conditions. Moreover, rice is a complex carbohydrate which plays a key role in weight gain.

Always remember, Baby’s weight is more important than your weight. Heavy mothers need not carry babies with good weight.

I think a mother’s weight doesn’t influence a baby’s weight. Because I have seen lean mothers giving birth to heavy babies and vice versa.

Roti,chapati,pulka- 2-3 / day

The best alternative to rice is wheat. Roti and chapati contain high fiber. Moreover, they are a good source of proteins and amino acids, which are essential for baby’s growth.

Soups- 2 bowls/day

Soups give the best nutrient supply possible. The parboiled ingredients are not only healthy, but also have high level of nutritional value.

Non-vegetarians can have a good time drinking soup mixed with their favorite meat. Moreover, they increase apetite before the meal.

There is a huge list of soups available on the fit momma web page. You can have a look at it. Make your favorite soup using this soup guide given in fit momma.

Curries with less oil & fat

Needless to say that high fat is dangerous to you and your baby’s health.
Having more fat during pregnancy can cause damage to the fetal liver. – TelegraphYes! it’s true. Eating high on fats and lipids can destroy your baby’s immune system. It can, in turn, lead to immune-mediated diseases and allergies.

On the other hand, eating food high on OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS is vital for fetal brain development. Hence you should eat more eggs and food high on omega-3 fatty acids.

Citrus fruits- 4-5/ day

I would like to say that citrus fruits are a boon to pregnant women. There are lot of advantages of having citrus fruits during the day. 
Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. 
Vitamin C is the best dietary supplement for bone growth next to calcium. Vitamin C helps in wound healing and aid in formation of healthy gums and mucosa. Lemon and oranges are high on Vitamin C.

Lemons, Apple, Orange, Kiwi, and banana are high on vitamin C.

 Do you have morning sickness?
If so, daily intake of citrus fruits after waking up can prevent morning sickness. On the other hand, Raw mangoes aid in deter vomiting sensation during pregnancy.

Other lists

I am tired of describing the long list of items that you can have during pregnancy. I think the above-mentioned points are more important. 
Other food items that you should have during pregnancy are 

  1. Homemade sweets – only once in a day
  2. All kinds of breakfast – No restrictions, please!
  3. Juice, smoothies (prefer green smoothies) – Yummeee!
  4. Eggs- 2-4/day – Rich in omega fatty acids and rich in proteins.
  5. Chicken, fish, mutton, shrimps (Are you allergic or have become allergic to Fish? – once check. I saw few women gaining allergy against fish during pregnancy)
  6. Curd- 2 cups/day
  7. Milk – 2-4 cups/day – Never miss it. Milk is an essential food during pregnancy. Your child needs more calcium during development.
  8. Dry fruits-1 cup/day – Eat all types of nuts and dates.
  9. Jaggery- in sweets like Chikki etc..
  10. Pulses- dal, soaked & boiled beans, barley, soya, horse gram, etc…


Heavy fats

As already mentioned, heavy fats are dangerous to the fetal liver. Try to avoid food containing Dalda or vanaspati.

Carbonated water

Never drink caffeine-containing drinks like cola during pregnancy. The caffeine is harmful to the fetus.
Drinks high on caffeine can lead to low birth weight babies. Moreover, they result in abnormal medical conditions.It is advisable to take not more than 2 cups of coffee during pregnancy.If you are a voracious drinker of coffee, I am afraid, you have to stop this habit and limit yourselves to 200mg per day.

Try to avoid all sorts of carbonated drinks. Stick to soft drinks like juices and milk.

Frozen food or meals

Packed frozen food or pre-cooked food during pregnancy is a controversial topic to discuss. There are few doctors who are in favor of it.
Usually, a working woman has no other option. In such a scenario you can opt precooked, frozen food.
My suggestion is to prevent it, if possible. Precooked foods have preservatives and are usually high on fats.
Always try to have hot cooked food to eat. Home food is the best. Moreover, avoid frozen foods in climatic conditions like winter or rainy days.


Papaya contains latex (milk-like secretions), which trigger uterine contractions. It can lead to early labor or preterm birth.
Avoid papaya as it produces early uterine contractions.Moreover, it is said to weaken vital structures in the fetus. Though papaya is a good source of vitamin A, It is better to avoid this fruit in pregnancy.

Preserved food packs

Preserved or canned foods contain preservatives and added substances that can be harmful to pregnant women.
The walls of the can are made of Bisphenol which can hamper the endocrine activity in the fetal body. It can further hamper the growth of your baby.

High carbohydrate foods

Foods high on carbohydrates are not good for pregnant women. It can lead to gestational diabetes. 
Always have a balanced diet during pregnancy. Diet heavy on any one of the nutrients is harmful.Here is a list of high carbohydrate foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

  1. Fast foods
  2. High carbohydrates ( noodles, rice items)
  3. Sugars
  4. Maida (all-purpose flour)
  5. Baked food ( cakes, bread, etc…)
  6. Processed food 
  7. Tea, coffee

Half cooked meat

Eating half-cooked meat is never a good idea during pregnancy. Meat usually contain a lot of bacteria, protozoa, and Toxoplasma in them. 
Half cooked meat can cause worm infestations and often can be lethal to the fetus.

Allergic food

Of course! you will never do it. But try not to make any adventure with food during pregnancy.


Never, ever try to drink alcohol during pregnancy. The center for disease control  (CDC) strictly recommends not to drink alcohol during pregnancy.
Moreover, a series of events are registered in children whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy. 
The spectrum of this disease is called FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders)


Everyone knows this. 
Smoking is harmful for pregnancy!Smoking can cause a series of events during pregnancy and can result in stillbirths, ectopic pregnancy,  low birth weight, and placental abruptions.

The nicotine and carbon monoxide in the smoke is harmful to the fetus.

Hah! with this I think I completely covered all the important points regarding food during the first trimester.

Schedule what to eat according to your choice, but prefer healthy food. Still, if you want to eat our of this post’s scope, make sure to eat in a negligible quantity just to relish your taste buds.

This is a bonus section which gives a point to point outlook on what to do and what not to do during pregnancy.

DO’s During pregnancy

  • Yoga ( under the guidance of instructor)
  • Walking ( not brisk walk)
  • Exercise ( not heavy exercise)
  • Hydrate your self ( sip water frequently)
  • Cleanliness ( hands, feet, full body)
  • Positive thinking( gives peace of mind)
  • Sleep( at least 10 hours / day)
  • Good music ( garbha samskar)
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Private part hygiene

DON’ts During pregnancy

  • Journeys
  • Lifting weights
  • Running ( heavy moments)
  • Mobile’s ( any gadgets will produce radiation)
  • Bending
  • Jumping
  • High stairs
  • Intercourse
  • Drugs
  • Driving alone

Be happy with your family and neighbors.
Be active, don’t stop your interest’s. If you are working,  keep going and be patient in all situations.
Here and there your hubby can experience the taste of your mood swings. They are common. They will happen.
Try to apologize when it occurs. Tell him to bear with you till these swings subside. After all, it is the result of a hormonal shift that is taking part in you.
One important thing! Don’t be alone even a minute. Mingle with everyone who likes you and cares for you.
Try to Freakouts, it is important at this time to refresh your mind. More colors give a pleasant mind. Try to find peace in nature. Think of the future.

Never forget to share every experience with your partner. Try to document them. They are the memories that you relish for your life.

Look into the mirror at your belly and measure it every week. You will feel happy to see your belly rise week by week and month by month.

Good luck future MOM 🌹If you like the post, do comment below. They mean a lot to me. 


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