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best Homemade pure herbal shampoo for long hair

Recently we have seen a change in the trend of using pure herbal shampoos. Nowadays, younger generations are looking forward to getting out of the contemporary corporate shampoo circle and leaning towards using Herbal shampoo.

Few people are a step ahead and are preparing their own herbal shampoo at home. So, we thought of writing an article for the young and aspiring naturalists who want to prepare their own herbal shampoo at home.

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Herbal shampoos are Ayurveda-based shampoo products mainly used to clean hair and scalp. As herbal shampoos contain fewer chemicals, the side effects of these shampoos are minimal.

Moreover, if one can prepare these herbal shampoos at home. Follow our instructions to prepare the so-called “PURE HERBAL SHAMPOO”, which is 100% ayurvedic with no chemicals.

Here are the steps required to make herbal shampoo for hair fall

Required ingredients for Organic herbal shampoo

  1.  Take one kg soap nuts, 
  2. Half kg shikakai  
  3. 20 gms of Hibiscus powder, 
  4. 20gms of Amla powder
  5. 20gms of Fenugreek powder


Step 1: Break the soap nuts

Break the soap nuts thoroughly and soak them in normal water.
Add half Kg shikakai to the mixture.
Leave the mixture unattended for 24 hours.

Step 2: Boil them

After soaking for 24 hours, boil the mixture containing water and soap nuts.
During boiling add 

  • 20 gms of Hibiscus powder
  • 20 gms of Amla powder
  • 20 gms of Fenugreek powder

Boil the mixture until it becomes thick

Step 3: Storage

Let the mixture/solution cool.
Mix the solution thoroughly and mash the soap nuts with hand. (* Getting more foam during mashing is a good sign that your solution has attained enough consistency*)
Take a fine net bag or net-cloth and filter the solution. Store the filtered shampoo in a tightly sealed glass container.
The herbal shampoo can be stored for 2 months. Use it weekly twice.

How to use herbal shampoo for long hair?

Take 100ml of the herbal shampoo and dilute it with half liter of water. Do not use the concentrated shampoo directly on the hair.
Apply gently on the hair and scalp, and massage your scalp with fingers and then clean your hair with water.
You may not get good foam in the first wash, but it improves from the second wash onwards. Hence 

Words of caution

Some people might be allergic to soap nuts and shikakai. Hence do a patch test before using this herbal shampoo.

How does this natural herbal shampoo treat my hair fall

Soap nuts

Soapnuts are dried fruits of the Ritha tree. The saponin released from these nuts is a natural substitute for harmful detergents. 
Soap nuts are the best home remedies to treat fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. Moreover, they are hypoallergic to the skin and scalp.
Commercial shampoos contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, and formaldehyde. But this herbal shampoo is completely chemical-free.


Shikakai powder is a rich source in Vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. It helps in nourishing and lengthening your hair. The hair becomes more silky and shiny.
Shampoos usually contain chemicals that erode the scalp and make them itchy. But shikakai helps in soothing the scalp and makes the hair shiny and silky.
But, a word of caution here is, too much of shikakai might turn your hair dry and brittle. Hence use it conservatively.

Hibiscus powder

Hibiscus powder is rich in amino acids and vitamins. It strengthens the roots of hair follicles and also makes your hair smooth and silky.
The powder also increases the water retention capacity in the hair and prevents your hair from drying.

Amla powder

Amla is considered a “superfood” for hair. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and also phytonutrients.
Amla helps in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp and also to the roots of hairs. This further prevents hair fall.

Fenugreek powder

Fenugreek or methi is a rich source of protein and nicotinic acid. They hinder hair fall and prevent scalp-related issues like dandruff.
They are the best home remedies for hair thinning and baldness. In other words, they are the best home cure for hair fall.
Every component in this herbal shampoo has a key role to play in your hair. Hence use this as a natural alternative to your harmful chemical shampoos.

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