What is e-sensify?

e-sensify is the directory of various organisms living in the Metaverse (THE METABIOS). The creatures are created by Nextradix. Each creature has unique qualities and functions. 

In simple words, e-sensify is the collection of various unique NFTs which are generated with deep learning and AI to rule the Metaverse


The word METABIOS is derived from two words called META and BIOS. Meta means an active functional component that is not visible. While BIOS in Greek refers to something that is living. 

Metabios Contains in the Metaverse.

Hence METABIOS are the living organisms or structures of the METAVERSE which are functional and are not visible to naked eyes.

The concept of METABIOS is first created by Nextradix. METABIOS is an imaginary illustration of the living organisms in the Metaverse. 

Meta Fauna

Metafauna is the animal kingdom of the metaverse. Explore various animals in the Metafauna. Compare their strengths and weakness.

Metafauna is an NFT collection of the animal kingdom in the Metaverse.


Meta Flora

Meta-Flora is the plant kingdom of the metaverse. Enjoy various collections of plants and fruits.

Meta-Flora is an NFT collection of the plant kingdom in the Metaverse.

Micro rgrams

Microrgrams are the small animals of Mars that invaded the metaverse. Explore various Microrgrams . Compare their strengths and weakness.

Microrgrams is an NFT collection of the microorganisms in the Metaverse.