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What is the “In transit awaiting Delivery information”, status for your parcel?

The courier service is causing you trouble by stating that “In transit await delivery information”. This article will give you a quick overview of the different statuses on the courier service’s website.

In transit await delivery information

The status of the parcel is often updated when it is shipped. To be entered on their website, the parcel must be taken to one of the Bluedart/ FedEx/DHL shipping houses.

The status of the parcel will remain “In transit await delivery information” until it reaches the shipping house. You will receive an update about the shipment status once the parcel has reached the shipping house.

Sometimes, the shipment might take longer to reach its destination because it has to travel long distances. It may take longer for the parcel to reach its destination house in such cases. The parcel must travel approximately 2 days from Delhi to Chennai. It is a long trip and the next shipment house in Hyderabad is located. It takes approximately 2 days for the parcel to reach Hyderabad.

In such cases, the status of the parcel will not be updated until it reaches Hyderabad. The status will remain unchanged until the parcel is delivered to the next shipment house.

If the status doesn’t change even after the time estimate, it is better to contact Bluedart/ FedEx/DHL customer service.

Flight/Vehicle/Train delayed/Cancelled

This is a rare event. Due to pandemic restrictions, transit has been delayed or canceled in recent times. For assistance and information regarding the status of your parcel, contact Bluedart/ FedEx/DHL customer service.

Late arrival at the destination

We will be notified if the parcel arrives late due to untoward circumstances. There is no need to panic as the updates will be sent to the receiver and sender regularly.

If you don’t receive regular updates, contact customer service.

Delivery attempted-Consignee premises close

This status is usually displayed if the receiver is not present or residing at the address. This could be because the address is incorrect or that the receiver has moved during delivery.

If the receiver does not reside at the address provided, the parcel may be re-attempted for delivery the next day. Simply call customer service and tell them. (Status – Consignee is not available at the address given)

The sender must mail a letter to Bluedart/ FedEx/DHL to correct the address. The process can take time, and sometimes the parcel is delayed. (Status incorrect: Cnee’s Add)

Address not available for the specified consignee

Usually, the status is updated if the receiver isn’t at home or if a new address has been provided during delivery. The delivery will be re-attempted the next day.

Cnee’s Add-In incorrect / Consignees Address incorrect

If the delivery address is not correct, the status will be displayed. If this happens, the sender must call customer service and tell them to change the address. The sender must mail a request for the address change.

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