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11 exceptional ways to increase your blog traffic by 200%

It took me 3 years to understand how to increase my blog traffic. Today I am going to reveal my methods of increasing traffic.

How does it feel when you make a high-budget movie, but lack the audience at movie theaters?  “IT SUCKS”. Yes! Bloggers have a similar experience when they do not have enough visitors to their blogs.

This is the most common scenario seen in the beginning days of blogging. Even after writing good content, it takes pain and strain to promote your content. Due to the availability of a huge number of blogging sites on the internet, it has become tedious work to engage and re-engage visitors to your blog.



Engaging a visitor depends on the content of your blog. The better the content, the more is the time a visitor spends on your web page. This is one of the main criteria that the Google algorithm analyzes while ranking your page (bounce rate). Bounce rate analyzes how much percentage of visitors was reluctant / not interested while viewing blog.    

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There are many ways to re-engage your visitors. Here are the best ten methods in re-engaging visitors to the blog.  

Good content:

  Yes! “CONTENT IS KING” in Blogging. Good content will always have better acknowledgments. If readers are satisfied with your content, they will definitely turn out to read your other posts.

“Believe me! Though it takes some time, if you can provide good content, you are indirectly creating a strong foundation for larger reader base. The results will be consistent and concrete in the coming days.”


Blog posts on ever-green topics tend to have more visitor re-engagement than trending topics. Yes! It’s true. Trending topics have a feeble niche as time passes. Hence these topics may have good reader support initially but decrease with time.

For example, blog posts on a Celebrity marriage have a good reader base initially, but as the topic fades out, we can’t expect the same response from readers. Instead, topics on Photography / healthy food are evergreen. If you can provide good content on them, they in turn increase visitors to your blog in no time. 

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Social media ads:

With growing attention towards social media, sharing your posts on social media can be an added advantage, where your followers or friends can revisit your blog,

whenever you have a new post. Further! You can even share your post as “Ads” which can boost up your visitor numbers. For example, Facebook provides a good platform to promote your blog posts. Facebook ads have a huge viewer base where you can post your blog ads at a reasonable price.  

Social media groups:

Create a What’s app/ Telegram group to promote your post. Hence, every time when you write a new post, you have the advantage of sharing that post in your whats app /Telegram group.

By adding the Whats app/ Telegram group link to your blog, you can invite more visitors to join the group. This is another way to increase your visitor base and also to re-engage your visitors.    

Facebook pages:

Creating a Facebook page on the name of your blog is not a bad idea. Facebook page can create an identity about your blog in the social media platform. Sharing your blog posts through a Facebook page can increase your viewer base in no time.  

Google ads:

Have you ever seen that the first few search results from the google search toolbar carry an additional notification called “ADS”. These are nothing but, google promoted search results. You can promote your blog through Google ads. As Google is a leading search engine, the probability of increasing your visitor base is very high with Google ads.  


SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly blogs have higher ranks in google search results. As a result, they have a more visitor base when compared to normal blogs.

Hence necessary modifications should be done to your blog to make it SEO FRIENDLY. To know more about the Search Engine optimization of your blog “Click here”.

But remember! Too much into SEO is not good. Google is constantly changing SEO rules. Hence optimizing your content according to today’s SEO rules may not work tomorrow. Good content in your blog always brings SEO along with it.

Discussion forums:

Web pages with discussion forums rank better than individual blogs, as they contain DIRECT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

People mostly search the web to get answers to their questions. There are thousands of forums on the web, where people ask millions of questions on various topics.

Choose forums that are related to your blog and try to answer a few. Websites like Quora give a much bigger scope in this context.

At the same time promote your blog by providing web links to your blog along with answers. Just like   “Hope you got the answer. For more information on your question, visit our blog… (your blog post Url).”


Landing pages:

 This is a new way to collect your visitor’s emails. Landing pages with email subscription links can help you in re-engaging your visitor.

So, every time when a new post is published, you can send an email notification to your subscriber, intimating them about the topic. Landing page e-mail subscription services are provided by any third-party providers.

Select a good provider with a reasonable pricing pattern, until your blog becomes popular. Good and catchy conversation on the landing page script attracts visitors to subscribe to your blog. Landing pages are like a double-edged sword.

The too big and prolonged appearance of landing pages can disturb the reader’s concentration, in turn increasing the bounce rate of the blog. Hence use landing pages that are simple in design, attractive in the description, and short in duration.  

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Push notifications:

Last but not the least, push notifications on your browser play a key role in regularly updating your readers with your new blog posts.

Push notifications have dramatically reduced the burden of collecting emails and are considered as next-generation tools to increase traffic to your blog.

They have a tremendous impact on blog traffic and can increase reader re-engagements by more than 50%. There are many third-party push notification providers available on the web.  

Want to know more about push notifications? Click here  We are going to reveal about best push notification services available on the net which are free and reliable.    OH!   I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE 11TH METHOD. HOW DID I DO SO?   IT IS 


Be patient, you will succeed one day. Have perseverance in writing good content for your blog. If you are bored in writing, it means blogging is not your cup of tea. Have a positive outlook on what you do. Many professional bloggers earn their livelihood from blogging. Work hard so that someday you may succeed. 


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