Naming your blog

Naming your blog | Best practices

After finding a suitable niche , next comes the naming game. Naming your blog the right way is a tough job. Ideally, you have two choices.

Personal name

If you wish to start a personal blog, choose your name.  Talking about personal blog reminds me of Nia Shanks’s blog “NIA SHANKS”.  Her blog is all about helping women in weightlifting to get an excellent shape. Obviously, it is a micro-niche blog with good reader base.

On the other hand, personal name can have a great impact on your identity. You can grow along with your blog.

Blogs with personal names have limited scope for scalability compared to brand names. As a sole writer, you may not deliver regular writes to your blog. This may sometime make you inconsistent.

Brand name

If you are an ambitious blogger with an idea of reaching scalable heights in blogging, I would suggest you go with some Brand name. The brand name has an edge over a personal name when it comes to the blogging business. Naming your blog with a brand name elevates your presence.

Serious bloggers always use brand names. They grow along with their brand. Most blogging corporates acquire a group of bloggers to provide a continuous inflow of articles into their blogs.

Let me explain, serious blogging requires continuous article inflows into their blogs. Great bloggers always work in groups. They maintain teams for every part of their blogging.

The blogging team consists of group writers, SEO experts, Digital marketing agents, Web designers, and many more. Great blogging is a combined effort.

Moreover, if you think of selling your blog in the future, brand name for your blog would be much beneficial.

Techcrunch is a leading technology news blog that needs no introduction.  It was founded by Mr. Michael Arrington in 2011. He sold the blog for 30 million dollars to AOL, which he would have never imagined at the time of starting this blog

How to name a Blog?

Simple method

Here is a simple guide to name your blog.

Open Microsoft word.

Write down all the names you like to name your blog.

For example, I want to write a blog in dumbbell exercises at home. So, I will type “Dumbbell exercises” in the word document. Next, highlight “exercises”.

Click on Review (red circle) in the menu section and select Thesaurus (red circle).

Now the thesaurus will show different synonyms for the word exercise. I would select the word “Callisthenics” (red circle) and replace it with the word “exercises”.

Finally, I selected my blog name as “Dumbbell Calisthenics”.

Isn’t it simple and beautiful?

See to it that they are related to your micro-niche blog.

Check for thesaurus in your word Document.

With the help of thesaurus find the alternate name.

Select one which looks beautiful and suits your blog.

Using Online generators

You have many online name generating websites which are free to use. Here is a list of them. Use any one of them for naming your blog.

You must input few parameters related to your micro-niche and the rest is done by these websites. They provide numerous name which may provide the result or at least an inspiration to think for a better name.

Get inspiration from your neighbors

Are you stuck with the name? If neither of the above methods is working for you, here is a bonus idea! Type your “niche name + blog “in google and find the names of the blogs which are related to your niche. For example, I would type “dumbbell exercises blog” in the google search bar and check out the blog name which has related articles. Here is an example.


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