sun direct dth error code solved

Sun direct error code E48-32, No signal | solution

The sun direct error code “E48-32 no signal” usually indicate the un-availability of signal.

Solution 1

  • Turn of the sun direct set-top box and the television.
  • Remove the smart card.
  • Clean the chip surface of the smart card
  • Re-insert it again.
  • Now, turn on the set-top box and the television. See whether the e48-32 error is seen or not.

Solution 2

  • Check whether there is nothing obstructing the antenna of your dish. If so, remove the obstacle so that the antenna can receive the signal without any hindrance.
  • You can occasionally see the same error during cloudy days just before the rain. But once the rain starts, the signal restarts and you will not see the error.
  • If you still see the error code then, go for the third solution.

Solution 3

If none of the above methods work, then call the Sun direct technician.

More about Sun direct

Sun direct is one of the best south Indian broadcast satellite service provider. Being launched in 2007 Sun direct has become the best option for DTH in south India, mainly in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

By 2009 Sun direct has become one of the leading DTH providers with 3 million subscribers and the count has been growing ever since. Being one of the cheapest DTH providers in India, Sun Direct DTH service has become the top DTH provider in 2010 with 5.8 million subscribers. Read more

Sun direct DTH also comes with a dedicated mobile app to view videos on demand. It is a sun direct app which you can download from the play store. Up to 2 mobiles can run the app with one subscription.

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