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Sun direct error codes: e52-32 Solution

Sun direct is one of the best south Indian broadcast satellite service provider. Being launched in 2007 Sun direct has become the best option for DTH in south India, mainly in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

By 2009 Sun direct has become one of the leading DTH provider with 3 million subscribers and the count has been growing ever since. Being one of the cheapest DTH providers in India, Sun Direct DTH service has become the top DTH provider in 2010 with 5.8 million subscribers.

Sun direct Error code: E52-32

The problem usually arises due to a lack of signal or connectivity. Usually the error message appears as:

E52 / E52-32 – Searching for signal

-Sun direct error code message

Here are a few ways to solve the error. Follow the step by step procedures for proper resolution of the problem.


The error code usually appears during a rainy day when the clouds cover the sky. It is ussually a temporary situation, where after a few minutes the set top box will get the signal.

Hence the error code will resolve on itself.

Position of the receiver

The E52 – 32 code also appears when the satellite dish or the receiver is out of position. This can happen when strong winds force the dish to move slightly.

Hence check the dish and its position. If any slight deviation is noticed, call customer care. Do not try to reposition the antenna yourselves. Slight deviations in the angle might hamper your signal receiving capacity. Wait for the technician to handle the problem.

Service provider’s Technical problem

In certain conditions it could also be a problem from the service provider himself. Hence check with your neighbors who are having Sun DTH.

If they are facing the same problem, wait until the service resumes.

At the DTH box level

Sometimes, even after when the service resumes, the DTH box might fail to receive the signal. In such condition:

  • Switch off the DTH box and the Television.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and remove the Smart card. Clean the surface of Smart card.
  • RE-insert the card into the DTH box.
  • Switch on the DTH box.

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