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Tenticularis Ovale | What are they?

Tenticularis Ovale

Tenticularis ovale is one of the many Microrgrams in the metaverse. The name Tenticularis Ovale has emerged from its structure. A round structure with many tentacles.

As Mars was becoming colder and literally difficult to live after the war and extinction of Martians, many species have invaded the earth for resources. One of them is the Tenticularis ovale.


Tenticularis Ovale (TO) has its origin from MARS. But many billions of years ago when Aliens invaded Metaverse earth, these species started living in the Metaverse along with other species.

TO are friendly to the Metaverse and help in providing protection to the Avatars and assets which stay in the Metaverse. They are commensals that live on the back of Avatars.

Many Avatars grow them as their pets. They tame them just like many other pets. After many years they have become the most friendly pets of the Metabios ecosystem.

In simple words, they belong to the micro-organism species of Mars. But their structures are huge when compared to Avatars on the Metaverse earth where they no more look like micro organisms. Hence they are visible to our eyes in the metaverse.


The entire Tenticularis Ovale (TO) can be divided into 3 structures.

  1. Body
  2. Armour tentacles
  3. Fighting tentacles

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The body of TO is round with many surface irregularities. The body gets attached to the Avatars and aid in protection.

During evolution, the body has undergone many transformations and 3 different variants have emerged.

  1. Plain body
  2. Body with Fur
  3. Body with Fur and BIT POWER

Armour tentacles are the extensions from the body which get attached to the avatars. They provide protection from other enemies.

As the name suggests. These are the second set of tentacles that aid in fighting against the enemies.

Types of Tenticularis Ovale

There are 4 types of Tenticularis Ovale. They have some anatomical structures in common. But they differ in power.

tenticularis ovale

Common type

The common type of TO contains only Body and Armor tentacles. They attach to the back of Avatars and provide protection.

Their main function is to provide protection to the Avatars. They do not have any fighting tentacles. Hence, they cannot provide any fighting power.

Rare type

The rare type of TO contains all the features of the common type. In addition, they are also equipped with fighting tentacles.

Hence apart from protection, the “Rare type Tenticularis Ovale” also helps in fighting the enemies.

These TO get attached to the back of Avatars and provide protection and at the same time fight with the enemies using their fighting tentacles.

Epic type

Epic type Tenticularis Ovale has all the amenities of the rare type. In addition to it, the body of these species is covered with thick fur.

The thick fur on the body provides extra comfort and cushion to the Avatars who carry them.

Moreover, the epic types provide more protection to Avatar when compared to the previous two (Common and rare variants).

Legendary type

Legendary type Tenticularis ovale is the most advanced in their group. The species contain all the features of the Epic type. In addition to it, they also process the most advanced “BIT POWER SYSTEM” on their bodies.

The BIT POWER SYSTEM is a unique power generation system on their bodies that provide extra strength. They aid in providing extra protection and extra strength to the Avatars.

They are more powerful than the rest of the TO team. The BIT POWER SYSTEM is attached to one side of their body and helps in providing extra support.

Variations and Types

Variations in bit power come along with the color of the TO. 

The availability of each type of TO also varies.  Know them here!

Color Guide for the BIT POWER system

Green color: Provides extra luck

Red color: provides extra Defense

Blue color: Provides extra speed

Yellow color: Provides extra power

Teticularis Ovale (TO) NFT collection

Tenticularis ovale NFT collection has been created on the famous NFT platform Open sea. If you like our world, do collect the NFTs of your interest and taste.

The total NFT collection consists of 200 NFTs. The division of NFTs is as follows:

Common type TO NFTs: 100
Rare type TO NFTs: 50
Epic type TO NFTs: 25
Legendry type TO NFTs: 25

Surprise to our NFT holders

You can download the VOX (non-rigged) format of your favorite Tenticularis Ovale NFT. These 3d Tenticularis Ovale VOX files can be uploaded into your famous VOXEL gaming arenas like Sanbox, Cryptovoxels and many more.

Beautiful VOX "TO"

tenticularis ovale vox image

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