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The Ramayana Quiz. Test your knowledge

The Ramayana Quiz | Week 01

The Ramayana quiz is for people who want to test their knowledge of India’s one of the oldest scriptures.

Ramayana is the ancient epic of India written in Sanskrit by the great Sage Valmiki. There are many versions of Ramayana in various Indian languages.

Ramayana, in brief, is the story of a young kind Rama who has to leave his kingdom at the request of his father Kind Dasharatha for 14 years. The epic inscription contains information on how Lord Rama spent his life during these years and finally reclaimed his kingdom.

The quiz on Ramayan helps the students to find interest in this beautiful Epic. The Ramayan quiz with answers will never disappoint you as you get a detailed explanation for every question asked in this Quiz.

So let’s start the Ramayana quiz. Hope it will be interesting for you.

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Welcome to your The Ramayana Quiz Vol-1

Which sage gave lord Rama the celestial weapons?

Which demons did Lord Rama kill before the age of 16

Who killed Maricha's Son Kalanemi?

Whose curse turned Maricha into a demon?

Which demon helped Ravana abduct Sita ?

Who did lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman meet on the way to Panchavati?

What Sugriva did when he met lord Rama?

Which sage took lord Rama and his brother Lakshman to fight with rakhshas (Demons)

Where did Sugriva live after he lost battle with his brother Vali?

Who is the friend of Rama's father?

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