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Virgin coconut oil at home in five simple steps


Do you know, more than 70% of the coconut oil you buy contains impurities in one or the other form? Finding a pure coconut oil is difficult nowadays. If you think of buying virgin coconut oil, it may cost you more.

A refined oil may be purified from chemical processing which might be harmful to us on use. On the other hand if you are thinking of using virgin coconut oil bought from oil mills, you might be wrong.

Yes! you heard it right. In recent times, a high concentration of mineral oil is being mixed with coconut oil making it harmful to us. Hence my suggestion is to prepare your own coconut oil at home.

How to identify virgin coconut oil?

There are many ways to do this. But one of the popular and most promising methods is to keep your coconut oil in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. 
Pure coconut oil would freeze into solid below 25 degrees Celcius.  If the oil contains more impurities, then it wouldnot.
Moreover, virgin coconut oil produces a tropical coconut odor with some flavor. On the other hand, impure coconut oil will not have these characteristics. They are mostly odorless and tasteless.

What are the uses of Virgin coconut oil (VCO)?

Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil. It contains lauric acid which can decrease bad cholesterol in the body.
Virgin coconut oil boosts your immunity.
Virgin coconut oil can be used once or twice in a week for your hair. It nourishes your hair and scalp.
The VCO is good for your skin as it moisturizes your skin.
VCO also helps in soothing the skin in people with allergy.
You can prepare your own fresh mayonnaise at home.

How to prepare virgin coconut oil at home?

Preparing your own coconut oil is something you will cherish. It’s my own experience. Moreover, it is a simple procedure. 

For preparing virgin coconut oil, you may require the following ingredients.

  1. 25 coconuts
  2. Hot water

Are you surprised? Yes with minimum inventory you can make the purest form of coconut oil at home.

Step1: Make coconut into small pieces

Break the coconut and extract the kernel. Cut the kernel into small prices.
Grind the kernel pieces in a mixer until it becomes a fine paste. 
Add small amounts of lukewarm water during the procedure.
The final product that is formed is a pure form of coconut milk.

Step 2: Filter the coconut milk

Collect the coconut milk into a bowl.
Now filter the coconut milk using stainless steel strainer.
Finally, you will obtain filtered-coconut milk. Collect it into another bowl.

Step 3: Freeze the filtered-coconut-milk

Keep the bowl containing coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight.
The next day morning, When you see the bowl, you will find a thick layer of emulsion floating on the top of the bowl.
 All the water sinks to the bottom of the bowl and only the oil emulsion will be floating.

Step 4: Heat the emulsion

Collect this emulsion in a pan and heat it on a slow flame for 40 minutes.
Finally, you will get pure virgin coconut oil floating over the surface.
Filter the oil into a bowl and cool it

Step 5: Store the oil

After cooling it, collect the oil into a fresh tightly sealed glass bottle and store it for further use. 
The oil can be preserved for more than one year. 

Use this oil for

This oil can be used for

  1. Cooking
  2. Hair oil
  3. Treating scars on the skin
  4. For the management of stretch marks
  5. As a moisturizer for the skin.
  6. For body massage
  7. For protective coating on Iron case vessels.
  8. Can also be used as a varnish on wood furniture.

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